Targeted Data

Novia’s data providers source the best data on U.S. businesses and individuals. We filter through trillions of consumer records with speed and accuracy to deliver highly targeted data.

Automotive Data

Car in darkness

We have access to an unparalleled spectrum of high-value automotive data of nearly 170 million total vehicle records complete with VIN numbers

  • 70 million vehicles tied to phone numbers & postal address
  • 29 million vehicles with emails
  • Credit and risk scores
  • 30 years of historical data
  • 900 make, model, and year selects
  • Billions of anonymous shopping sessions

Comprehensive Business Data

Commercial buildings

Our database is comprised of 40 million business locations. 60% of the addresses have an associated email, simplifying the process of deploying multi-channel campaigns with Targeted B2B leads.

  • 19 million distinct companies
  • 17 million emails with postal address
  • Over 20 selects for targeting
  • 40 million individual postal addresses
  • 49 million business phone numbers
  • Home-based small businesses

Comprehensive U.S. Consumer Data

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We deploy a database comprised of 270 million consumers and 58,000 demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and social sentiment selections.

  • 60 product categories
  • 58,000 marketing descriptors
  • Credit and financial attributes
  • 250 million emails
  • Buyer vs non-buyer profile
  • Billions of anonymous shopping sessions