Our Live Transfers are unique in the sense that they are real manually dialed outbound telemarketing calls. Hence, our efforts are TCPA Compliant. A prospect is qualified based on the client requirements and is only transferred into their sales queue after expressing interest and meeting the right qualifications. Many companies advertising Live Transfers run a dialer system or avatars to generate leads without a real human interface. We believe that the quality of the lead generated through the real grind of telemarketing is much higher.

Our call centers generate the highest quality leads in the B2B lead generation industry. What sets us apart is the quality control parameters we set for each lead generation campaign. We make sure each billable lead has passed our quality assurance guidelines by having our quality assurance team listen to 100% of all lead recordings. We update tracking documents real time and allow our clients complete access to all lead files and recordings.

We pride ourselves by working with a selected group of large call centers across the world. Our centers have years of experience in B2B lead generation and have the ability to grow with quality recruits. We are able to scale campaigns at an accelerated rate due to the relationships we've built over the years and the size of our call center portfolio.


We are always looking for a new challenge. Every new B2B vertical we have explored, started with a new inquiry from a potential client asking Novia to step into unchartered waters. While most companies might be settled in their ways and unable to deviate from what they are used to do, we embrace new challenges and look for opportunities to grow in new channels. From script writing and learning how to generate interest in your services, to training your sales staff on how to convert new leads into sales, we can build and customize a new client acquisition channel for you.


Through our exclusive data relationships, we have access to over 250 Million opt-in business and consumer emails in the United States. Email lists can be created by targeting consumers with specific attributes.


We assist our clients far beyond a traditional lead provider. We build scripts for sales staff and coach them on maximizing conversions. On a larger scale, we help our clients build a complete marketing channel by creating financial models, improving product offerings, competitor analysis, and gaining a competitive edge. Whatever Marketing strategy you are thinking to implement, odds are, we’ve been there and done that. A small investment in consulting with Novia Marketing experts can help you company achieve new milestones in sales.

Database Analytics

We perform a variety of analysis with existing customer databases of our clients to discover how and why people buy from them, and help them engage with those most likely to buy again. Additionally, we find them matches within our database to market to that closely fit their top customer profiles.


Data entry

Ensure high levels of accuracy in data entry, data conversion, data processing, data extraction, data indexing, and data analytics services.


Comprehensive research report creation services and PPT creation support for diverse businesses.

Photo editing

Get your images enhanced, airbrushed, restored, processed, manipulated, clipped, color corrected or stitched to perfection.


Reduce operational costs by ensuring superior service quality in medical billing & coding, pharmacy, transcription, & teleradiology.


Assess your current BPO services or set-up a new BPO channel directly while consulting with Novia’s experts.


Graphic Design

A large staff of creative designers ready to design your next brochure, logo, newsletter, business card, or any other graphic design need.

Animation Services

2D and 3D Animation Services, Flash Animation, Animatics, Storyboards and Scribe Animations.

Video Editing

Client Testimonial Videos, Training Videos, GoPro Video Editing, Corporate Presentations, Real Estate Drone Videos, and YouTube Videos.