Triggered Email Marketing

Triggered Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a very powerful marketing tool when it is timely, and relevant. Novia Marketing has perfected a new social listening tool that allows us to monitor consumer digital footprints, and email them in real-time when we determine that they are in the market for a specific product or service.

We have access to see and identify:

  • Social Media postings and likes (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • E-mail servers and correspondence
  • Specific Competitor Domains

Triggered Email Marketing ™ allows you to find the audience that is trying to find you, as well as contacting your competitor’s prospects in real time. We’ll follow these 3 simple steps to set-up your triggered campaign:

Step 1: Create a set of terms to help identify who is in the market for your product/service and gather all competitor domains and company names.

Step 2: Create the rules that govern who receives an email from your company and how often.

Step 3: Email your prospects in real time as they are looking for your product/service or visiting your competitor’s domains.