Our business loan leads are the perfect solution for revenue and credit based lenders looking for a customized solution. Lenders can set their campaign parameters to match their underwriting requirements so their prospects are qualified based on length in business, monthly bank deposits, FICO score, a genuine interest in additional capital, and even target specific industries. Leads are generated exclusively for each client and not resold. Lenders can receive leads through a warm hand off, also referred to as a Live Transfer, or access them through a real-time lead post for a slightly lower cost.


With over 4 years of experience in generating as high as 3,000 daily SEO Leads, Novia leads are the perfect solution to feed a large sales staff with consistent quality and volume of daily prospects interested in growing their business online.

With over 20 million small businesses in North America needing to shift their marketing online, Internet Marketing companies have a great opportunity to rapidly grow their client base. However, prospecting is a great challenge. Most small business owners lack the urgency to proactively make themselves competitive online, as they associate a lower value to Internet Marketing than they realistically should. Moreover, there are little to no barriers to entry as an SEO / SEM provider which has made the industry highly competitive and real leads scarce.

Novia leads ensure that your sales staff can focus on building value and client acquisition all day instead of prospecting. Your sales staff will speak to business owners who are interested in increasing their online visibility. We customize campaign requirements based on your product offerings to ensure maximum ROI is achieved.


Small business owners are a great prospect for Health Insurance providers. They need clarification on the ever changing employer health care guidelines. They need to purchase health insurance for themselves and their family as most are self-employed. They may also elect to provide group benefits to their employees.

Novia Health Insurance campaigns can be customized to qualify prospects based on age, income, industry, geography, or company size. Our current Health Insurance clients enjoy a much lower cost per acquisition through Novia leads than their current and previous lead providers.


For a reasonable low monthly fee, small businesses can outsource their bookkeeping and save time and money while keeping their books up to date and real time. The type of business owner who can be marketed to through telemarketing, is typically the ideal candidate for a bookkeeping service company. They are small enough to care, and not quite large enough to delegate this task to other employees.


It’s hard to imagine a business in the modern age that does not need to process credit cards. Novia Marketing has extensive experience in generating leads for some of the largest Merchant Processing ISO’s in the United States. While maintaining a positive ROI in offering a more competitive rate to Small Businesses and purchasing Live Leads at the same time is difficult to achieve, targeting brand new businesses and offering them a new merchant account with competitive rates is the way to go. With anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 new businesses registering in the United States, there are just enough potential prospects each month to maintain a sustainable long term marketing campaign with this strategy.